Why are mouthguards important, especially for athletes? Each year approximately 15 million Americans suffer from a dental injury, and about one third of those injuries come from participants in exercise or athletic events (Hide, 2011). An athlete has a 1-in-10 chance of suffering a traumatic orofacial injury during athletic competition. These injuries often […]

Let’s begin by changing our language. Let’s avoid calling your dental insurance “insurance.” The definition of insurance is “a means of protection from a financial loss.” In other words, your dental coverage with all of it’s limitations, annual maximums and caveats is not “insurance.” What most patients carry is a dental “benefit.” There is a […]

  When they say “age is all in your head,” they’re probably right. But then, your teeth ARE in your head — so you likely can’t escape having to pay a little more attention to them after the age of 50. Although some oral health concerns are seen as common as we age, if you […]